Jun 24, 2016

15 years of freelance ends now! New things come…

Hello everybody!
First I want say thanks to all those people who will take the time to read this post. I think it is a good place here to write some thoughts and news about my professional future.
This year I celebrate 15 years of freelancing, and that happens all the time along side a full time job (maybe a year and half not). In these years I met a lot of clients, art directors and so on… and I learned a lot from them and having all the support I need. Unfortunately I disappointed a few of them, with mistakes, with deadlines or having issues with finalising the tasks. I want to say sorry and I apologize for that. In every case was a reason, but the facts are facts. I was included in awesome projects also, having great time to work on it. Thank you for that too.
Now it is time for a change, and turn the page. Recently I had the opportunity and forced somehow from my experience, to simplify my life in a way. Including a few talented people, I made the decision to become a founder of a small art studio in my home town. I think after this 15 years, it is a great moment to invest all of my experience (as employee and freelancer) to share with a few great people in a same studio, all the good things I learn and earn even the bad ones too, and having fun together, working on awesome projects. Maybe this way I can manage more easily my time keeping a balance between work and family…and other things.
This is it the first thing I can share so far. LinkedIn profile bellow. :
Dire Bear Studio – LinkedIn

I updated my portfolio (probably the last time) with some concepts done for an nonreleased game, when I was employee at Crytek Studio – Budapest. You will have some surprise with this works, especially after you knowing me mostly as a fantasy artist.

Thank you again for all AD and clients, they know who they are!

Have fun and draw well.